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Trademark and Patent Law

Concepts and phenomena such as the information age, the globalizing market, and the transnational firm have increased the value of intellectual property rights in the economy. Today, Production and Trade methods have changed shape and turned from arm power to brain power. Intellectual property rights, which are divided into sub-branches such as Patent, Utility Model, Trademark, Industrial Design, Intellectual and Artistic Works, have had an unlimited quality. This feature of intellectual property products has made efforts to protect the aforementioned rights of companies operating around the world and country. The fact that protection can be provided at the international level has brought up international legal regulations regarding these rights, and many regional and international conventions and regulations have been brought in this regard. In our country, a number of regulations have been made with the Turkish Industrial Property Law (SMK), which entered into force on January 10, 2017. With the SMK that came into force; The legislator aimed to harmonize with international agreements and EU legislation on the one hand, and to solve the problems in practice on the other hand.

We provide advocacy and consultancy services to our clients in trademark law and patent law disputes, which are one of the main working areas of our law firm.

Our Consultancy Services in Trademark Law & Patent Law;
• Lawsuits Arising from Violation of the Rights Arising from Registration,
• Detection Cases,
• Cases on Detection of Infringement, Product Collection, Suspension of Counterfeit Goods at Customs
• Transaction Changes and Updates,
• Trademark, Patent, Utility Models, Industrial Design Registrations,
• Registration applications to be made before WIPO
• Renewals and Extensions,
• Invalidity Cases,
• Preparation of Contracts within the Scope of Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, Lawsuits to be Filed against TPI and Registrar,
• We provide legal services in Compensation Lawsuits and similar issues.