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Energy and Mining Law

Undoubtedly, energy is the only area in which the need for countries does not decrease in the globalizing world order. Energy today; Due to its qualities and the effects of globalization on the world order, it is accepted as the most popular dispute issue as a result of new mechanisms in many areas. Energy; Due to its disproportionate distribution around the world, it has taken place primarily in the field of activity of multinational companies with intensive capital. Energy also has a great strategic importance for states and economies, and this importance is increasing exponentially day by day. Each country tends to set certain energy policies according to its own terms and conditions. Geographical locations, needs, population and economic conditions of countries are the main factors in determining energy policies. It is tried to create attractive environments through incentives, credits, tax reductions and exemptions in the use of renewable energy resources, which is the prevailing understanding both in the European Union and in the world.

CLA Partners offers to companies operating in the Energy and Natural Resources sector, national and international companies willing to invest in the sector, and public institutions; provides consultancy services on technical and legal issues such as planning processes, project stages, financing, EIA reports, institution approvals, execution of projects, legal regulations on energy law and natural resources law.

Our Services in the Field of Energy Law;
Following the transactions before EMRA and filing a lawsuit against their decisions,
Preparation and follow-up process of permit and license applications,
Providing consultancy on incentives and incentive applications,
Preparation of electricity generation plant installation agreements,
Preparation of energy purchase and sale contracts,
Preparation of acquisition and merger agreements,
Providing legal consultancy during the zoning planning and project process,
Receiving the EIA report and following up the lawsuits filed against the EIA report,
Follow-up of Expropriation and Privatization transactions,
Making legal situation and risk analysis,
Preparation of Distributor Dealer main contracts,
Preparation of EPC, ESCO Build Operate Transfer and Energy Performance contracts.

Our Activities in the Field of Mining Law;
Licensing procedures related to the execution of mining activities,
Mining exploration and operation permit, transfer and termination of mine operation right, right of precedence,
License law,
Mineral exploration license, operating license, certificate, mine registry,
Expropriation cases,
Correspondence and process follow-up with institutions such as the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources and MAPEG,
Compensation lawsuits due to mining enterprises, legal disputes,
Consultancy service to foreign investors who want to invest in Turkey.