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KVKK Legislation

With the constitutional amendment made in 2010, “Everyone has the right to demand the protection of personal data concerning himself or herself,” added to Article 20 of the Constitution, which regulates the privacy of private life. This right also includes being informed about the personal data about the person, accessing these data, requesting their correction or deletion and learning whether they are used for their purposes. Personal data can only be processed in cases stipulated by law or with the explicit consent of the person. With the paragraph “Principles and procedures regarding the protection of personal data are regulated by law”, the protection of personal data of individuals is guaranteed by the Constitution.
Today, various data about individuals have become easily processed and transferred on different platforms every day with the effect of developing technology. Although the processing of this data provides some convenience and advantages for individuals and those who provide goods and services, it also brings the risk of data abuse. For this reason, it becomes a necessity to establish a legal infrastructure in order to protect personal data.
The purpose of the Law No. 6098 on the Protection of Personal Data (KVKK) is to protect the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, especially the privacy of private life, and to regulate the procedures and principles that must be followed in terms of real and legal persons processing personal data. In this context, the Law has brought certain rights to individuals whose personal data is processed, and data controllers are also put under certain obligations.
In this context, as CLA Partners, to our clients;
Determining the rights and obligations of the clients within the scope of KVKK,
Providing legal consultancy to the clients during the preparation of the contracts they will make with their customers or business partners within the scope of KVKK and preparing the contracts,
Preparation of transfer agreements regarding data transfer abroad,
Initiating and following up the legal process against violations of rights that may occur within the scope of the protection of personal data,
Creation of confidentiality agreements regarding data transfer
consultancy services are provided.