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Telecommunications Law

Today, the rapid change in the field of communication technologies has made it inevitable to keep up with this change. In this process, the States started to follow the policies of “privatization” and “deregulation” of the communication sectors. The telecommunication sector, which constitutes a part of a large sector expressed as information and communication technologies, is the infrastructure of all sectors. Since Telecommunication Law, which is intertwined with many branches of law, is a highly technical field, it would be appropriate to work with experts in the field in case of disputes arising in this field. As CLA Partners, we provide consultancy services to our clients in this area and resolve disputes. In this respect, in our office;

Administrative lawsuits arising from the licenses and licenses of the company in applications made to the Competition Authority, telecommunications lawsuits arising from the Consumer Law of Consumers,
Telecommunication compensation cases arising from Competition Law and Unfair Competition,
Actions for annulment of penalties issued by the administration,
Obtaining the necessary permits and documents in frequency allocation and registration processes to establish and operate shore radio stations and marine and air band radio systems,
Office Licensing,
Network types and network infrastructures, infrastructure permits and licenses, relations and contracts between operators (Interconnection, all kinds of access, national and international roaming, national / international traffic transport) in the stages of wage and tariff regulations and their control
Attorneyship and consultancy services are offered to local or foreign real or legal persons.